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Where To Find A Whiplash and Personal Injury Claim Calculator


If you want to find a whiplash and personal injury claim calculator, you first of all have to find a law firm you can trust because then you will be able to at least have a realistic estimate of the compensation you may be awarded.

Some compensation calculators give quotes that are way off what you will actually receive, and that can be really disappointing when your award arrives.

If you search the web you will find many companies offering their services to the faultless victims of accidents. Some of them are very complicated and using terms that only the professionals would understand. Some of them are so glitzy they seem more interested in how the website looks than how important the information is.

Where To Find A Whiplash and Personal Injury Claim Calculator

If you disregard all these and look at the ones that are left, the normal ones, you will find that some of them are claims management companies and some are full service law firms.  Although to the layperson they may appear to do the same thing, there are some things claim management companies cannot do, the main one being that they cannot act as solicitors and represent you in court.

A law firm can do whatever is needed, even attend court on your behalf. At you will find a website that has many pages about all different types of accidents, injuries and situations.  They are all easily understandable, interesting and informative.  They will not blind you with science or with flashing lights.

The Whiplash and Personal Injury Calculator that takes just 30 Seconds

The Accident Advice Helpline whiplash and personal injury claim calculator takes just 30 seconds from start to finish to produce your estimate of the compensation you may be awarded.  There are 6 easy questions to answer.  3 of them are yes or no, one is selecting from a drop down menu and the other two are your name and telephone number.

Where To Find A Whiplash and Personal Injury Claim Calculator

It could not be any easier, and as well as the estimate, it will let you know if you qualify to make a claim.

The Next Step

Once you have a guide about your compensation, you need to speak to one of their helpful and friendly advisors to get all the information you need about making a personal injury claim.  Knowing how much you will be fighting for can be a large contributing factor in your decision to make a claim.  It has to be your decision though.  The advisors will answer any questions you may have to help with that decision, but they will not pressurise you in any way, and you will be under no obligation at all.

If you decide to go ahead, your claim will be dealt with be expert personal injury lawyers who specialise in this field.  They have many years’ experience of making claims and will examine every area of yours to ensure that you are awarded the maximum compensation for your circumstances.

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