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Sky Blue Credit: What Sets Them Apart

Sky blue firm has made its name in the business of credit repair due to all the features and services they have to offer to their clients and customers. They don’t just help with disputes with the bureaus but they also offer special bonuses for couples and lots of other things which can help attract more customers towards their firm. It is because of these things only that sky blue credit is among the top firms that are working these days. But even with everything we all have some questions that we want to get answered before we proceed any further.

Sky Blue Credit: What Sets Them Apart

Guarantee of service

To make sure that sky blue credit is working in full efficiency for you and able to make a difference with your credit score they offer a 90 day guarantee. In this guarantee they completely refund all the money that the client has paid till date, if the client is not satisfied with the work that firm has been able to provide and do for them or in case their service does not provide them with better credit. This guarantee is there because no firm or business can be correct hundred percent of the time about the outcome or result but at the same time sky blue credit works in such a way that would maximize the chances of good results. Hence you can always start working with the firm in complete confidence that if it does not work out the way you want you will always get your money returned back to you.

How long the service goes

Usually every customer comes with their own sets of problems and every one of them are stuck in different situation. Therefore, it can never be guessed on how long a customer would need the services of the firm.  But usually the average customer is with the firm for almost around nine months. But then again the duration of how long a customer stay actually is correlated to the number of items in the credit report that you want to get disputed and on how timely the bureaus response to these disputes. A more proper time frame can be told by the firm after the complete assessment of the credit report.


Sky blue credit has made its name in the field by the kind of work they are able to do and the kind of service they are able to provide to their customers. Having a bad credit can be a really a big problem especially if you are planning or looking to get a loan from any bank. So, it is good to have someone to go to take care of these problem who personally go through all your reports and then involve you in every step they take in resolving disputes. It is also a great firm because they also tutor their customers on how to keep their credit reports looking good and give their customers tips with dealing with their credit reports.

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