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Importance Of Efficient Packing When Wanting To Travel To Japan

Japan is quite famous as a tourist destination. From Tokyo’s busy urban cities to Kyoto’s serene temples and Mount Fuji’s crisp air, a travel to the country can be an exciting, flexible and dramatic experience. If you have booked a travel to Japan, it is likely that you have been attracted with the country’s polar culture opposites or to this beautiful land of the rising sun. Japan has a lot to offer and you can get information on where to go and what to do there at To make sure that your travel will become your best experience ever, you must pack efficiently.

Understanding Japan’s Geography

For sure, you will do plenty of walking in Japan, whether it is on Shinjuku and Shibuya streets in Tokyo. In fact, you may also go hiking up Mount Fuji, riding on bullet trains and touring Kyoto temples. Because of these possibilities, it is imperative that you can bring with you comfortable walking shoes that can handle long walking all day long. You must know that the country is a walking society.

Importance Of Efficient Packing When Wanting To Travel To Japan

Important Things to Consider

In general, Japan accepts major credit cards that you may use in other countries. Your credit cards will surely take care of your needs such as accommodation, hotel and dining. Your packing must include your credit cards and a cash of about $2,000.

Necessary Medications Should Come in Handy

As you will be doing plenty of walking, you will be stressing your feet out while you are in Japan. You should not forget about packing pain relievers like Aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve or Bayer. In Japan, you can purchase over-the-counter pain relievers like Buffering; however, it is definitely convenient when you take something that you have already tried. Additionally, make sure to have some prescription medications with you too.

Importance Of Efficient Packing When Wanting To Travel To Japan

Expecting the Unexpected in the Country

In Japan, the weather is unpredictable. During summer, you can expect to experience sunny, hot and humid days only to have a modified day and converted it into a downpour similar to a monsoon. Make sure you pack a raincoat because such situation can be possibly experienced in Japan. You must ensure that you have cold and warm weather options when you travel to Japan.

Importance Of Efficient Packing When Wanting To Travel To Japan

Other Possibilities in Your Japan Travel

The Japanese culture takes gift exchanging as an essential part of it. In the country, it is important to have a gift to a person you want to visit there. It is best to have some small gifts as you pack your travel stuffs. Stuffed animals or knickknacks could be among those staffs that you can use as “omiage” or gift. Having gifts with you will show your respect to the Japanese culture and appreciation for being able to travel in the country. The country observes a number of old superstitions such as not sticking chopsticks vertically in rice bowl because Buddhist funeral ceremonies associate this with death. You must remember to avoid the number four in gift giving because this is pronounced the word “four” the same as the “death”, thus it is considered highly rude. Additionally, in a Japanese marriage, the couple is given banknotes in odd numbers because they believe even numbers can be divided easily, thus the couple will easily split up.

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