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How To Protect Your Vehicle’s Shiny Exterior

If you wish to uphold your vehicle’s shiny, damage-free exterior, investing in the proper paint protection is vital. Though you will come across many product options, all claiming to be the best defense against rock chips, scratches, sun fading, dings, etc., you should note that the 3M clear bra brand is one of the original industry leaders in paint protection film and has remained a favorite on the market over the years due to its high quality. Many consumers are already enjoying the satisfying results of a 3M clear bra installation, and you can too, whether your vehicle is old or new. Before making your purchase, consider the following factors that will contribute to the overall effectiveness of your 3M clear bra.

Experience of Your Installer

How well your car is protected will largely depend on how accurately the product was applied, making it important to select your 3M clear bra installer carefully. There are certified professional installers who have gone through specific training, and the experience (or lack thereof) of who you choose can have a huge impact on how your paint protection film ends up performing. Knowledge and skill are invaluable traits for your installer to have, even if it costs a bit more. Without these, you may end up with a film that is improperly cut or is left with creases and bubbles. Don’t let your vehicle be practice for a rookie installer.

Location of the Installation

Mobile 3M clear bra installers are popping up in various locations and may seem convenient since they’re coming to you, but this concept isn’t really as beneficial as it sounds. Before the installation of your 3M clear bra, your car must be thoroughly washed and dried in an environment free of dirt and debris and that offers suitable lighting. The best site for this to take place is a clean, bright installation facility that is designed to support the cautious application of paint protection film.

How To Protect Your Vehicle's Shiny Exterior

Pattern Design

It’s crucial to find a pattern design that fits your vehicle without flaws. Correctly cut patterns will provide the most coverage and protection, allow for the flexibility of adhering to a car’s specific make and model and won’t show unsightly relief cuts. You most certainly want to stay away from films that require cutting or trimming while already on the vehicle and anything you find on the Internet that is intended for DIY use since you are likely not a professional installer.

Amount of Coverage

There are several different options for coverage, and you should make sure that you have chosen the 3M clear bra that will shield the areas you are most concerned about. Do you want a film that just covers the front end, or would you prefer total body protection? Are you interested in adding on a package that will take care of the mirrors and/or headlights? Realizing later that you don’t have sufficient coverage probably won’t make you very happy.


Make certain you have a full understanding of the warranty coverage that comes along with your 3M clear bra and exceptions that it may include. Take the time to acknowledge how long the warranty will be available and any actions that could void it.

Thoroughly go over each of these aspects in preparation for your 3M clear bra application, and choose an installer that takes pride in their work.

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