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How To Get People Interested In Your Products With A Compelling Brochure

In an age where most marketing campaigns are built using the Internet as a foundation, many people overlook the impact that traditional methods of advertising still have on today’s consumer. Professionally printed brochures are a powerful marketing tool, and offer potential customers a physical connection with the product or service they are considering.

Generating interest in products using printed brochures is accomplished by combining a number of elements that work together to help create a compelling sales tool.

Copy Writing

Engaging copy plays an important role in selling any product or service. Copywriters have a limited window of opportunity to effectively capture a prospect’s interest and compel them to take action. The content presented in a brochure needs to capture the attention of the reader, generate interest in the product or service, and fuel their desire to take further action.

It’s a balance between offering too little information and offering too much. Also, the goal of well crafted copy is not to close the sale, but generate enough interest so the prospect takes the next logical step.

How To Get People Interested In Your Products With A Compelling Brochure

Photography and Illustration

Unlike electronic media which is able to deliver video and animation, printed brochures rely on high quality professional photographs and illustrations to engage the customer. These images are carefully selected to compliment written content to create an overall message that is delivered through a combination of words and visuals.

Successful Layout

For any brochure to be successful it must have a professional layout. Even with engaging copy and attractive images, the failure to arrange these elements properly will cause any printed brochure to fall flat. Much like the story board for an epic movie, a brochure needs to tell it’s story effectively, so that the audience isn’t left confused and unfulfilled.

The Printing Process

Once the design process is complete, printing is the next and final step in creating a compelling brochure. From choosing the correct paper stock to professional color matching, this is a critical stage with no room for error. Regardless of what efforts have been made to create content, a brochure that isn’t professionally printed will fail to engage the prospect. When looking for commercial printing in Pittsburgh, finding a vendor who is able to provide exceptional results is an absolute must.

Brochures will deliver their message time and time again. Whether they are part of a direct mail campaign or they’re placed in a display rack, each brochure will be seen by, or passed on to, a number of potential customers. When the power goes out and the Internet is down, a compelling brochure is still hard at work.

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