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Essential Things To Pack While Travelling To Indonesia

Indonesia, undeniably, is the most exotic country on the planet that offers exciting things to enjoy your holidays. Everything is worth seeing in Indonesia, from lakes and jungles of Sumatra, to cultural heart Java, then Bali, Sulawesi, Flores, Ambon, West Papua, and Banda Islands, each spot brings you a lot of fun.

If you are visit Indonesia, then before starting your trip, you will need to go through the following packing tips so as to get a convenient, more exciting and a memorable vacation.

Getting Started!

Booking your air tickets from a reputed airline can be your safe bet. Consider Indonesia cheap flights with Garuda Indonesia get the promo price. You can also book for luxurious services online and much more.

Essential Things To Pack While Travelling To Indonesia

You should first start with the Bali since it is extremely “Western” and welcoming tourist spot in the country. In Bali, you can get –

  • Affordable and accessible accommodation
  • All types of Indonesian and Western food
  • Spas galore
  • Beautiful beach
  • Yoga retreats
  • Shopping and many more

Essential Things To Pack While Travelling To Indonesia

Essential Things to Pack

Packing becomes very important when you decide to fly to this tourist destination. Following are the essential things you’ll need while touring here.

  • All the important travel documents including air tickets, visa, passport and etc
  • A swimming costume and cover-ups
  • A camera to shoot the exciting places
  • The prescription drugs and prescriptions copies
  • A currency convertor app on your smartphone
  • Kindle or e-book reader, if you don’t want to lug loads of books with you

Essential Things To Pack While Travelling To Indonesia

You should also Carry 

Mosquito Net

Mosquito net is essential, mainly in Flores and Timor where there is risk of getting dengue and malaria. You can also carry mosquito repellent creams with you to avoid any such issues.

Swiss Army Knife

It helps you a lot. It helps you to do everything from opening the coke bottles to getting the fish off hooks on the islands. It will be better if you have a knife that comes with an in built torch tool.

A Guide Book

You should get a latest Indonesia travel guide. You can also arm your smartphones and tabs with latest travel guide apps. You can download and install best map applications so as to move around more conveniently across the country.

A Waterproof Case

You won’t be able to hold yourself from enjoying the seashores of this tourist destination. This is where a waterproof case helps you a lot, but it obviously depends on how many gears you carry with you. If you’re carrying your phone, passport and other important documents, then make sure you put them in that waterproof case so that you can play on beach with no worries.

Marlboro Packs and a lighter

Although you don’t smoke, carrying a couple of Marlboro packs would help you. You’ll be invited for a coffee or dinner by many natives, and a Marlboro pack is a great way to return their hospitality. Marlboro is a famous cigarette brand in Indonesia.

Indonesia is full of fun and beautiful tourist spots, and packing your bag with above things will definitely make your journey more enjoyable and remarkable.

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