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Celebrity Life Is Not All About Partying And Glamorous Living

The public in general has a very common assumption that the celebrities lead a very glamorous life that is packed with parties and no trouble. They have a high net worth for being a celebrity and popularity, lavish lifestyle, fun, peace, love and riches is what they are surrounded with. However, if one may follow the celebrity news at Lyrics Feast, he would get to know what kind of trouble these people have to go through at times. Life is not always a walk for them on the red carpet, it is also falling in a ditch that is heap full of sharp thorns; waiting for them to fall and pierce upon. Like the numerous advantages these celebrities have according to the people, who are actually true; they are also surrounded by a lot of disadvantageous situations in their lives.

Troubles of being a Celebrity

1. Restrictions on liberty

They don’t have the same freedom and liberty to do things that the common people posses. Imagine a situation where Beyonce is strolling in the supermarket to do some grocery shopping, though that’s very rare; but even if it happens what could be the next thing happening? The eager and anxious followers will swamp her with the request to autograph their diaries. Some would not hesitate to touch her, while photographers will not stop clicking her pictures till their batteries run out. If it is being said that she would be absolutely and literally ambushed, it would be an overstatement. Hence, in order to safeguard themselves from such a situation they have to take along their security personals wherever they go. To lead a common’s life is their desire, but their celebrity status can’t let them enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as, a walk on the road, visiting a friend in a busy neighborhood,  seeing the neighbors, going out for dinner with someone at a new restaurant at random; are not possible at all. They have to live in their own separate and secluded place, alone most of the time.

2. Risk

Risk of being molested, attacked, killed, harassed and stalked in their daily life. Most of the time or one may say, it happens almost all the time that some fan or hater steps over the line to do any of the above. The passion could heighten when they see a celebrity right in front of them; they have been following for a long time; which may lead to unwanted consequences as well as physical harm. They can’t rely on anyone completely.

Celebrity Life Is Not All About Partying And Glamorous Living

3. Living under Scanner

They tend to live under a strong scanner, which is always active and observed by their followers, newspapers, magazines, blogs, tabloids as well as the various media groups. Defamation, scandalous news, slanders, lies is very usual in their lives, which surround them all the time. Such kind of propaganda may easily bring down the popularity they enjoy with their producers and fans. It consequently results in damaging their reputation and then the profession.

4. Loneliness

Because of their celebrity status and successful wealthy life, they are always surrounded by people who wish to take advantage of them. This makes them stay aloof from most of the people, which make them lonely and later depressed. Their lives are more of an abyss and void with a lot of materialistic objects all around them, but nothing has any pleasure or charm for them. To overcome this loneliness, most of them indulge in heavy drinking, drug abuse and sometimes they become very violent, which has its dire consequences on their profession.

Life is Heavy on Celebrities

Very few celebrities according to the news at Lyrics Feast are able to lead a peaceful life. For rest of them, life is very heavy after they achieve the stardom.

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