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What’s In A Name? Here’s How You Can Create The Perfect Name For Your Blog

A Naming Ceremony

Choosing a name for your blog is as critical as choosing the name for your business. It needs to be unique, catchy and memorable all the while reflecting the theme of your blog. Therefore, it takes a bit of a ceremony when it is time to choose one – one that you should not take it lightly at all.

What’s In A Name? Here’s How You Can Create The Perfect Name For Your Blog

Getting it Right

You could come up with a unique name for your domain in a number of ways. What we will do here is look at some of the critical tips on getting the best name.

  1. What do you Intend to Right About?

Think of some words that could describe the overall theme of your blog and the intended content of your posts. You could do this by writing out your blog post topic and picking what you consider the keywords. If they are too repetitive, find the appropriate synonyms for them. Narrow down this list to those that you feel are suitable for your blog name.

  1. How do you Want your Blog to ‘Feel’?

You should decide the tone of your blog. Would you like it to be serious, funny, sarcastic…? This will help you decide what you want to name your blog because the name should reflect the tone of the blog you want. Write down a few words you think would describe the feel of your blog.

  1. Who are you Talking To?

This rather ties into the first two tips. Your target audience could determine your content and the feel of your blog or it could be the other way round. Everything from the title to the content should appeal to this audience so write down some words that could describe your audience and their needs.

  1. Who do you Like?

You should have a few blogs that you like or even subscribe to, or just some blogs that look like what you would want to write. You can do a bit of research and see what their domain names look like. It should get your creative juices flowing at the very least.

  1. Make up Some Words

If musicians can create words and have them inducted into the dictionary, so can you! Well, maybe not the dictionary part. You can come up with your own words or a combination of catchy words that describe your blog. This will be a fun way to attract and retain attention among your subscribers.

  1. String these Words Together

Now you have a list words that you can start using to make up potential titles. It helps just to start writing them down and mixing them up until you find a few that stand out to you. Be patient – you may not find the right one immediately so just keep going and build up a reasonable list that you can pick from.

  1. Take it through the Vetting Process

When you finally narrow your list down to that ‘perfect’ name, make sure that it is available and no one else is already using it. Ask a few friends what it sounds like to them; a second opinion always is welcome. Once it passes this stage, then congratulations! You have a name.

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