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The Reasons For A Belly Button Popping Out During Pregnancy

One of the popular jokes which is doing the round is that a pop pregnant belly button is termed as turkey timer. The moment you are about to have a baby it does pop out. But the real fact of the matter is that the belly button has turned inside out because the baby has gone on to become big.

Let us now understand on how it works in the first place. Once the belly along with the baby grows the abdomen is known to stretch. The area of belly button does not have any form of muscle that is being attached over it, so when the uterus goes on to push it from the inside; it is going to be pushed outside.

The Reasons For A Belly Button Popping Out During Pregnancy

In fact this could be a lot annoying at the same time as the belly button is regarded to be a lot hypersensitive. It does make a certain degree of sense as in the past; the skin was being protected from rubbing against each and everything. For example, if you rub your shirt you are going to be irritated on all counts. If this is the case make a point to wear a bandage over it so that it is not going to rub against any form of clothes. Some moms, who are self-conscious, also rely on the use of a bandage so that their belly button, from emerging under tight fitting clothing.

Just take into consideration the fact that a popped up belly button is an inevitable and harmless procedure. This could be in the form of a cutie if you had begun with. It is going to return back to its normal position right after delivery, though it may look a bit stretched out. Be aware of the fact that it is one badge of honour that you can wear proudly. To a lot of women when will my belly button pop out in pregnancy this question might bother a lot? If the belly button does not pop out there is nothing to worry. Many women have encountered the situation and their pregnancy has worked out to be normal on all counts. There is one thing sure shot which we can say that there is no relation between a popped up belly button and the gender of the baby.

Some women during the stages of pregnancy may have a small defect or hole in their abdominal wall. When you gain weight or extra amount of stress is being put on this area the hernia is going to become all the more noticeable. The hole does go on to become so large that the tissue is not going to pass through it that the hernia becomes so painful that a bulge is being noticed in the umbilical area. But if it does not go on to become incarnated it would mean that the tissue is going to be trapped in the defective area and it cannot be pushed back in. So surgical option is the last resort.

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