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The Benefits Of Apprenticeships

As work-based programmes, apprenticeships certainly aren’t for everyone, but if the idea of academic qualifications fills you with dread, an apprenticeship is an ideal alternative. While they are made available to those who are fresh out of secondary school, as an alternative to college or sixth form, they are also there for adults to gain nationally-recognised qualifications that they can use as they continue down their chosen career path.

Whether you’re fresh out of school (or are a parent of someone who will a school leaver this year), or you’re an adult looking for a change of career, for whatever reason, apprenticeships from City & Guilds could be the perfect answer for you. Here are some of the common benefits that apprenticeships provide for those who decide to use them.

The Benefits Of Apprenticeships

  • Those signed up for an apprenticeship will gain a variety of qualifications and experience that will stand them in good stead to move forward with their career. The apprenticeship framework means that a variety of skills will be met, too.
  • You can earn a wage whilst on the job, at the same time as developing your skill set, gaining experience and working towards your qualifications.
  • Day-release training is also available so that you can build your qualification portfolio even more.
  • City & Guilds apprenticeships are a nationally and internationally recognised qualification that many companies across the UK and beyond look for. They have also had years of experience offering these vocational qualifications, so you know that you can rely on them.
  • You can work for a real employer at the same time as gaining your qualification, giving you life experience and acumen.
  • The majority of apprentices, once the programme is complete, will remain with the employer that they have worked with along the way, meaning that, in many cases, you will have a job to carry you forward.
  • Higher Apprenticeships, that are the equivalent of degree-level, are also becoming more and more readily available, so that you can go on to realise your full potential.

While apprenticeships aren’t for everybody, they are a great way to learn a skilled trade which can provide financial security in the future. Going through college and university doesn’t necessarily bring fortune and employment (it was only last year where research found that 1/5 of graduates are unemployed or in low-paid jobs within 6 months of leaving university), which just confirms that academia isn’t the only way to cement a good career.

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