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Stacked Truck: 4 Truck Traits To Make Yours Stand Out

It’s one thing to have a truck. It’s another to have a truck that turns heads and grabs people’s attention. If you’re looking to make your truck really stand out, below are four truck traits that can really make that happen.

1. A Roll Bar

One way to really make a statement with your truck is by installing a roll bar. Roll bars exist to protect the passengers of a vehicle during a rollover. It is connected to a truck’s frame and goes around the passenger compartment. If a truck rolls over, the passengers won’t be crushed inside. Instead, the pressure will be redistributed back to the chassis. According to, rollovers occur during 33 percent of all crashes. So it’s good to be safe.

A roll bar does more than increase a truck’s safety however. It can also make your truck a showcase vehicle. Consider installing a tubular steel roll bar to really give your truck a tough, impressive look.

Stacked Truck: 4 Truck Traits To Make Yours Stand Out

2. Decals

Another way to add punch to your truck’s exterior is by adding decals. Decals can be purchased for cheap and applied to your truck in minutes. If you want to remove them later, it’s simply done and will do no harm to your truck’s paint job. Choose decals that matches the color scheme of your truck and really pop. For example, streaks of lighting can be very eye catching over a black paint job.

3. The Grille

Another thing you need for an impressive looking truck is an impressive grille. The grille sits in front of the radiator. It is the front part of the truck with open spaces below the headlights. The gaps in the grille allow air to pass through and cool the radiator.

It is also one of the most distinctive parts of a truck that really gives the vehicle its look. Trucks with very impactful, shiny grilles include the Dodge Ram and the Ford F-150. Consider visiting a number of dealerships like Expressway Dodge to see what these grilles look like in person.

4. Rims

Lastly, rims are an excellent choice to help your truck stand out. Most people tend to stick with factory rims. While these do their job, they’re rarely that eye-catching. One way to certainly upgrade your truck is by installing four flashy chrome rims that will catch everyone’s attention on the road.

Overall, your truck should reflect your personality and preferences. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain when choosing options and add-ons to give your truck a really distinctive look.

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