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Social Media Concepts To Consider For Small Businesses

Social media may be a platform for narcissists to vent their voice, but it’s also a place where small businesses can thrive on. The infinite, ever expanding universe that is social media allows you to unleash your creativity and experiment on which ideas stick and which don’t.

If your social media gas tank is running on fumes of originality, consider these inventive strategies that are currently making their way around the communicational galaxy.

Appeal to the New Generation

Millennials are certainly the largest demographic to attract your social media strategies to. As their consumer spending rates continue to increase, so does your dependence on them to keep your business afloat. So, if you’re still fixated on persuading to Generation X, it’s time to transition your thinking to the next letter in the alphabet. However, like Generation X consumers, Generation Y consumers also love a good bargain. But unlike the baby boomer demographics, print promotions, such as coupons, simply won’t appeal to the millennial audience. With this in mind, it’s time to become hip to the game and switch to a more virtual strategic mentality. Provide links to customizable consumer options, similar to the way directtv internet markets their services to potential customers. Ask engaging questions that are sure to instigate a debate. Promote positive customer experiences. These types of posts fit well into the younger generation’s mindset of whether or not a business deserves their attention.

Social Media Concepts To Consider For Small Businesses

Gives Names to the Faceless

Many times, large companies will make the mistake of dehumanizing their corporation by establishing a faceless reputation. As a small business, you have the unique advantage of avoiding this type of drastic public relations gaffe through the waves of social media

o   Attach actual headshots with posts

o   Provide summary detail of their job position

o   Promote a casual Q & A of their personal lifestyle

o   Share their accolades or media plugs

Turn your Consumer into your Advertiser

This creative idea is best utilized through social media because it instigates a unique competitive discussion. It’s also cost-effective and time-effective as it is relies on virtually no labor from your internal business. It’s simple: launch and host a social media contest that encourages SM followers to create a one-minute ad on your product or service. Provide an incentive for people to get involved, such as a reward that relates in some fashion to your product or brand. Require a turn-in date to be posted on your business’s social media channel and to allow the public to determine the winner. The genius behind this strategy is that it refers back to the narcissistic personas social media tends to attract. Everyone likes being noticed for his or her own work and yearns for public attention and praise.  You’re simply leveraging the egotistical nature of social media and allowing it to snowball within the context of your place of business.

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