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How To Restrict The Entrance To Your House Territory

Sliding security gates are ideal solution for various openings and areas where there is no space for swing gates opening. Currently sliding gates or as they are also called automatic sliding doors is in high demand. This model of gates has several advantages over swing gates. One of the main advantages is space-saving in the opening and in front of it. Custom security gates are installed on one side of the fence and are opened by pushing to the side along the fence. So, as these gates are mounted on a concrete base from one side, they can be easily adjusted to ground motions by roller bearings moving. Only one drive is used for sliding gates automation, while two drives are installed in swing gates, thus automation of sliding gates is cheaper. Comfort, practicality and reliability of sliding gates exclude problems for many years.

How To Restrict The Entrance To Your House Territory

This type of gates is currently considered to be the most successful construction, designed to restrict territory unauthorized entering. They combine the simplicity of structure and high practicality. Gates move on swivel casters and open along the inner side of the wall or fence. To date, the main area where custom sliding gates are used is the arrangement of entrance equipment ensuring entry to cottages and private homes. Wide palette of colors, a variety of forms and many design supplements contribute to unsurpassed functionality and unique appearance of sliding gates. Sliding doors are used in industrial and commercial buildings for various purposes with great success.

Custom gates are installed not only at the entrance to any premises, but inside warehouses and shops, in places separating rooms or working sectors. Up-to-date design and unmatched reliability of sliding gates include general and structural frame, rails and rollers, base material as well as drive on customer’s request. They are made of aluminum profile as a rectangular structure; they are edged with steel sandwich panels and strengthened with ribs. Excellent reliability and durability of gates construction are ensured with special metal processing, which includes anodizing. Sliding gates are painted in accordance with technology of metal powder coating, which is used to prevent mechanical damage and corrosion during operation and to retain an attractive appearance for many years.

Automatic custom made sliding gates are driven by an electric power drive of rack-and-gear type. Mechanism can be activated from a fixed device or through remote control unit. Automatic sliding gates are fixed in closed position with special automatic mechanisms; all kinds of gates are equipped with them. When installing, two small gate pits are dig out from different sides of the opening. One pit is used for installation of the rack that holds all the basic design and the other for the installation of the gates catcher. Manufacturing materials used for modular systems provide an opportunity to engage various sections and structures. Gates have complete and compact design. In addition, advanced technology of sliding gates of any non-standard type and geometry has been adopted.

When ordering security gates of sliding type, you can count on a rich range of colors, a variety of optional accessories and other elements for decoration.

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