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How To Move To Canada Seeking For Better Job

Canada continues to be one of the most popular and attractive countries for immigration of citizens from the CIS. You can move to Canada and get permanent resident status choosing from several immigration programs. You will need passport, birth certificate, diploma, confirming education degree, evidence of work experience, results of English or French language tests, financial documents (bank statement, documents of real estate ownership, etc.) and medical certificate.

There is a “Skilled Worker” immigration program, which name speaks for itself – it is a program for high skilled professionals. It is considered to be the most common program for immigration. It allows skilled workers obtain resident status in Canada if this profession is in demand in the country. A list of these professions can be found on the official website of the Embassy of Canada. You should pass through English or French language tests for immigration under this program rules. You should also complete immigration profile and get the required number of points. Points are charged in many ways taking into account such criteria as: education, age, occupation, family member’s personal data, etc.

How To Move To Canada Seeking For Better Job

Family program is developed for those, whose family members are of citizens or residents of Canada. You can arrange a formal invitation from relatives and to obtain their desire to support you financially in the country. Business immigration is available for those professionals, who have already developed their own business and get stable financial income (for example, experts working on the invitation, investors and entrepreneurs). In this case, you should prepare financial documents proving your income and consult with a lawyer on the most attractive investment opportunities in Canada. Provincial programs (allowing you to immigrate to certain provinces) have some differences in the number of points required, for example, to enter the Manitoba you need to get 55 points, to enter Ontario – 65 points. For immigration to French-speaking part of Canada, the province of Quebec, you just need to speak French language. First, you should determine whether you comply with the requirements of these programs.

After you have selected the appropriate program you should fill in the questionnaire and prepare the necessary documents. Now you need to send all the documents to Canadian Embassy. You can find information on proper questionnaires filling and points’ calculation as well as a list of required documents on the official website of the Embassy. You have to expect for interview for less than a year, then you will need to undergo a medical examination to determine your and family members health state. This process can also take several months.

Canada declares free immigration policy. The flow of people wanting to live in this beautiful country increases with every year. People tend to live in better conditions. Internet promotes large influx of people to Canada, as today you can find lots of information about the country and its way of life, culture and customs online. Or even just to see fascinating photos of this beautiful country. Beautiful places of this country depicted in photos, a huge amount of cultural heritage and rich heritage make Canada the object of thousand tourists’ visits. Many tourists who have visited Canada once want to return here again and again. And many of them want to stay there forever and contribute to development of this country. People in Canada welcome new residents, new neighbors, who came to learn and work in the country. An excellent example of Canada attractiveness for immigration is that vast majority of people stay there forever enjoying stability and confidence in future multiplied by good education and high income.

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