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How to Learn How to Speak French

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It is easier than ever to learn how to speak French, especially now that there are so many great software programs available to use in the privacy of your own home. If you are wanting to learn how to speak French because you will be going overseas, then a software program is your best bet. By far, the best language software program out there is the Rosetta Stone language program. You can find Rosetta Stone French by shopping online or at your local software store. Make sure you shop around.


Once you receive your Rosetta Stone software, follow the steps for setting it up on your computer. Then, you will be ready to learn how to speak French. Set aside time everyday for learning the French language. Even 30 minutes every day will make you fluent in French incredibly fast! Learning to speak French may seem daunting because the language sounds so different from the English language, but if you practice your Rosetta Stone French every day, it will seems very easy.


This is a fun idea that we like to do around our house. Take one day per week and try to speak only the French language! It is a challenge to do, but it is very fun and incredibly effective. It works like forced immersion. If you learn to speak French using your Rosetta Stone French program, then supplementing by making a French language day around the house will really solidify the French language in your brain!

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