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How To Choose The Right Office Space For Your Business

Although the size of your office space is generally close to the top of the list when moving places, it should not be the only phase considered. You should evaluate the distinctive requirements of your clients and staff in order to choose a space which provides the best options for both, enabling staff to do their job to the best of their ability whilst your clients are able to access you as required.

Getting There

An office should be located somewhere that people can access easily. That generally means weighing up public transport and road links to the premises. Is the office easily accessed by car, and is there adequate parking for your needs? Are there frequent bus or train services which serve the location?

When considering moving your business into an office space in London, there are different considerations which need to be borne in mind. Firstly, the necessity of accessing the office by car becomes less vital in this area, given the fact that generally people will try to avoid central London in their cars and will opt for public transport. Check the transport links to the area to see what options staff and clients will have when getting to you.

How To Choose The Right Office Space For Your Business

If, for example, you were looking for the office space Monument to offer, you’ll benefit from the fact that it is easily accessed by London Underground, with nearby Monument and Bank stations connected to a massive number of lines. The London Bridge railway station is just over the river, providing easy access from southeast London and beyond, making the area very well connected and easily accessible from the capital and beyond.

Test your Journeys

If you have narrowed down your shortlist to a few options, it is a good idea to take a drive to your potential office space during the morning peak traffic to identify whether or not it is an easy area to navigate at that time of day. Using public transport is also likely to provide you with an idea of what the commute of your staff is going to be like in the mornings. If you arrive enraged after sitting in a traffic jam, imagine the mood of your staff when they have to do this every day!

How To Choose The Right Office Space For Your Business

Who else is in the Area?

The building that you are considering making your new premises may house some nasty surprises. Some businesses obviously make a lot of noise in their regular operation, which may not sit well with the environment you need to work with. Conversely, your business could well be one of the noisy ones and fit in well.

Similarly, if your business operates outside of the usual office hours, it is wise to check on any local clubs, pubs or bars which may be quiet during the day and come to life after dark, potentially making business difficult during this period. Another consideration for businesses keeping non-standard office hours is access to the building. You have to be able to access your premises whenever it is necessary if you want to work into the small hours.

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