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How To Attract Potential Customers Using Twitter

Potential customers for your business are the people who have either become interested in the products or services you sell, or those who subscribed to your newsletter or filled out a form through which they agreed to be part of your database. In order to attract leads using Twitter, you have to consider the following suggestions:

  • Create a special landing page to attract leads. Whether you want to find people to attend an event, fill out a form or just subscribe to your newsletter, create a landing page with a direct form. This is much more effective than directing users to the form through your website, for example;
  • Find people who are directly interested in your products or services. Use Twitter Search to find keywords or phrases from your company’s field of activity. This will help you find profiles of people in your industry you can follow or contact via a private message;
  • Write blog posts frequently. If your blog is frequently updated, your subscribers will have much more to say about you. Content quality is highly appreciated on Twitter and if you manage to impress your current followers you will increase your chances of finding new potential customers.

How To Attract Potential Customers Using Twitter

 While Twitter can generate new leads, this is often not enough. As a successful advertiser, you should also analyze the effectiveness of your activity on the social network. Here are some key indicators that you can take into consideration:

  • Your reach. This is the total number of subscribers (followers), who contribute to your power of influence. You can buy real Twitter followers to increase this easily!
  • Response rate. This indicator measures the number of reply your tweets receive, as well as the number of re-tweets;
  • Traffic for your website / blog. This indicator measures the number of clicks on links in your tweets which direct to your website or blog.
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