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How Much Is That Pool Going To Cost?

When it comes down to asking “how much is a pool going to cost me?” The answer is not as simple as one might think. There are many things to consider when planning to install a pool system, whether this is a personal home pool, or even a commercial pool for many. The best thing to do is contact your contractor and go over the details and get a good estimate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little homework and come up with some ideas about how much it could end up costing.

The biggest decision that will need to made before any sort of installation can even begin is, do you want an in-ground system, or an above-ground pool? Professionally set up above ground pools will require some site preparation to make sure the ground is level and there is access to electrical services for your water pump and filtration system. The rough estimate for a 19 inch diameter above-ground pool is around $6,500. This will normally include installation, pumps and filtration systems, as well as a three warranty on your pool. While there are some DIY (do it yourself), pool kits, it is highly recommended that you contract a professional to take on this project.

How Much Is That Pool Going To Cost?

With in-ground pools there are also many things to consider, first is the area the pool is going to be in. This type of pool won’t require much more in the way of site preparation compared to it’s above-ground sibling. The ground doesn’t need to be exactly level, as they can shape the pool to fit the level of the ground it’s on. However, you or the contractor will need to make sure that there are no gas, power, water, or sewage lines in the area you intend to put the pool in. In that aspect, it will still need a slight amount of prep. The next step is to choose your pool liner. The standard liner is made of vinyl and can run you about $18,000, this is the cheapest option you have for pools liners. The next step up is a fiberglass lining, which is a little more aesthetically pleasing, and can cost about $20,000. There are also concrete and gunite linings, which cost about the same as the fiberglass option, though these are becoming rare to see in home or commercial pools. In addition, in-ground pools normally require patio installation and fencing.

Regardless of the pool type you choose, there are some accessories that are required to owning or maintaining any pool system. Some of the cleaning tools you will need are; brushes, covers, thermometers, and sometimes even heaters. In many municipalities you will also require a pool fence. Chemicals are also a must for pool cleaning, on average pool owners will spend about $80 for chemicals a month for above-ground pools, and around $90 for in-ground. Once more, the best way to find out how much you’re going to spend on a pool system is to call your contractor and figure out an estimate, but it always helps to gets some details beforehand.

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