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How Kids Can Learn To Be More Creative and Fit

There are many reasons why children should go to summer camps. Modern children are very often stuck in flats that they don’t get out of most of the time because that is something that they are not sure what to do with. The days of playing soccer outside, building bird houses or reading books in a tree house may be gone for a lot of kids who are stuck in their phones all day and don’t know what games can be played outside.

A summer camp can make a big difference in this respect because children can finally learn what it is like to play outside in the fresh air. There are many sports they can learn such as team games like volleyball and basketball, football and soccer. Many types of activities can be enjoyed outside from science field trips to artistic festivals. Kids can sing and dance outside or do fitness regimes. They can paint the beautiful nearby landscape or sculpt something nature-inspired. What is best about this part, is that they learn skills for life that they can use later to enjoy their lives to the most and have fun with their friends, teaching them outside games and activities when they go home. In order to know what works for the child it is best to try out many things and see what they like to do most so they can enjoy themselves to the full and always have the best of times.

How Kids Can Learn To Be More Creative and Fit

Besides enjoying the outdoors kids can learn to be more sociable. Nowadays many children spend too much time in front of TV screens and computer screens and not enough time with other children. Going to a summer camp will give them more opportunities to socialize with their own kind and really make the most of their time together with friends. They can grow personally and develop on ways that were not possible before. The first love can come in a summer camp and that is something that children should do as well when they are ready – and it is an experience that is important and should be taken carefully by teachers and adults. Children who live in a supervised environment with adults are safe to learn life in a friendly way.

Physical development is another huge advantage of living in high quality summer camps where children can work with professional trainers in different sports disciplines. Learning new activities and things to do to stay active, slim and healthy can be a great benefit in the modern world where alarming numbers of people are obese and lead sedentary lifestyles that take a toll on their health later on in life.

Learning some survival skills in the woods and fields of the wild is important for personal security. Kids will own a car one day and if they get stuck in the middle of nowhere they will know what to do and how to get out of any situation.

Chuck Dawson for Jewish Summer Camp in Brooklyn with the assistance from child care services at North Williamsburg & Greenpoint

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