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Highest Earning Dead Authors

Celebrities earn not only when they live but even after demise. This is why everyone tries know who the top earning celebrities. While celebrities of various fields are taken into account, Michael Jackson is the top earning author. It is a pearl statement that you cannot take anything while you leave the world, but you can always make a note of distributing what you earn to others. You can see will of Michael Jackson read a lot, even those who have nothing to do with the inheritance, but they simply want to know what had been inherited by his children and mother. A will is a recorded document, which is a legal authorization of inheritance and distribution of properties. At times, contesting a will happens, and you can find more on this by Coming back to the dead authors who earn the most, you would be astonished to see that among the top dead celebrities who earn the most, you can find a few authors. While the pop star earns the highest, J.R.R Tolkein, lands on the third place and on spot 6 is Stieg Larsson. Next to Larsson, Dr. Seuss got the 7th place.

Highest Earning Dead Authors

Since 2001, the list of top earning dead celebrities is known. Nearly half of them belong to the writing profession. They are either song writers or novelists. Here are the top writers who still continue to earn more than the rest of the community. Charles Schultz gets the first place in this list. Worth of 35 million dollars estate and the assets come from the peanut characters, who sell Metlife insurance. Tolkein needs no introduction to the avid readers. His Lord of the Rings series is a massive hit. The film versions of the novel also were highly popular. As The Hobbit and the characters continue to allure the readers, it is no wonder that his estate has increased to the value of 23 million dollars. This value is the highest than the author has achieved when he was alive. Theodore Geisel, popularly known as Dr. Seuss, has 19 million dollars’ worth estate. The credit goes to his works which are translated in more than 15 languages. They are sold more than 200 million copies all over the world. His popular works that contributed majorly to this achievement are How Grinch Stole the Christmas?, and the Cat in the Hat.

Andy Worhol also owns 19 million dollars’ worth estate after his death. Though he was not only a writer, but also a pop icon, graphic artist, all his works, continue to allure the audience. His museum in Pennsylvania attracts thousands each day. Even after many years he passed away his earnings show how popular he still is. With 9 million dollars’ last year, Aaron Spelling, made his estate worth to be 309 million dollars last year. As a software company too is a part of this estate, things seem that Spelling would be paying his taxes for several years even after death. V.C. Andrews has earned 6.5 million dollars’ worth estate after her death in 1986. Robert Ludlum, after whose death a ghost writer was hired to publish his incomplete works, has the estate of 5 million dollars. Though Ian Fleming, the popular James Bond writer, has passed away in 1964, his works are still made as films which fetch him huge amounts of money. Michael Crichton, the famous Jurassic Park author also keeps to earning after his demise. You can find about their wills from many online sources and if you want to know about how the wills are contested, you can go to

Author Bio: Victoria H. is a professional in research of highest earning celebrities. With the focus on the dead writers and authors and their earnings even after their death, she is also interested in how the wills of the authors are made and challenged, if any. You can find more information on contesting a will from

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