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FX Academy: Lessons In Forex

Success in Forex trading is not an easy undertaking and requires considerable knowledge and experience.  There are many online Forex courses today that endeavor to educate traders and introduce them to the world of Forex. Most of these courses are offered by Forex brokers; most of them are free but are dependent on your opening a trading account with the broker providing the course.

There are, however, only a few online courses offered by independent companies that are simply interested in enlightening the public about Forex so they can become profitable traders. FXAcademy is a unique educational program that has recently been introduced by Daily Forex. The focus of FX Academy is to acquaint its students to the world of Forex and present them with the tools that will lead them to future success as Forex traders.

FX Academy: Lessons In Forex

28 Sessions

Each lesson at FXAcademy has been written by a professional Forex trader and comprises a written text and an entertaining animated video. It is followed by an online quiz consisting of 4-5 simple questions and suggested additional reading.  The program is totally interactive and allows the student to move along at his own speed in the relaxed atmosphere of his of home. The program’s flexibility permits the student to pause a lesson in mid-stream and return to it whenever he can. He can also redo a lesson as many times as he needs until he is confident enough to move on to the next session.

The first lesson is a very basic introduction to Forex terminology and its key elements. The sessions move on to more advanced concepts such as Forex indicators and money management and end with specific Forex indicators such as Fibonacci Retracements and Double Bollinger Bands. FXAcademy promises to post additional lessons as time goes on and the need is called for andthey will be made available to all registered students.


The quiz following each lesson is used to test the student’s knowledge and progress. The 5-question test assists the student in knowing if he is ready to move on to the next lesson or whether he should go back and review the previous lesson. There are 7 overall courses, constructed in such a way that the deeper a pupil delves into the material, the more he can advance in the program.

FXAcademy has also instituted a point system whereby points are awarded to the studentwhenever he has completedeach lesson andfor passing the quiz. These pointsaccumulate as he moves along in the course and can be used down the roadtowards certification at the completion of the entire course.

A sense of continuation is an important element at FXAcademy and FXAcademyintends to maintain contactwith all its past students and registered members long after they have left the course. In that regard, they will be posting ongoing emails and messages about information concerning new Forex brokers and if something new has taken place in the Forex markets an email will go out to all subscribers. The Academy will also post blogs and informative articles on the website that will introduce its students to new Forex trading strategies and other educational material.The idea is to keep the students, both old and current, involved in the Forex markets so they remain educated traders.

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