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Cross Country Moving: 4 Tips To Make It Easier

Traveling across the country might freak you out a bit at first. If you’ve never made such a move, you don’t know what to expect. But don’t worry, you can make the move a lot more manageable by following a few simple, easy steps. There’s a couple of choices you need make; be sure to plan ahead so you know what to do when the time comes.

1. Inventory

You want to take an inventory of everything you possess that you really care about. If you’re moving the furniture or anything that takes up a lot of room in a space as big as a house, keep track of it all. Make sure you know the dollar value of each item (approximately). Figure out the price of shipping on the items, and the cost of buying new ones. Make the decision to either ship your things or buy new stuff if it’s cheaper and you don’t mind parting ways with the old.

Cross Country Moving: 4 Tips To Make It Easier

2. Research

Yes, this article counts as some research, but you need to check out the best services for your move. Check out how much the airfare will cost. Check out how much baggage each airline allows you to bring. Some airlines allow you to bring on up to 100 lbs of baggage, while still letting you pay a small extra fee if you want to add even more baggage to your flight. Investigate the moving company you choose after comparing quotes.

You also want to figure out what to do with your car. Do you want to sell your car or ship it? Shipping it probably works out better for you financially, but either way you’ll need some way to get around. Consider using a car rental app to keep you mobile while you either wait for your car or find a new car to own. Thrifty Car Rental also

3. Do the Math

You’ll need to calculate the cost of driving if you choose to drive a vehicle across the country. Figure out the miles, divide that number by miles per gallon, and there you have the amount of gas needed for the journey. Now you can plan to have enough cash.

Plan realistically for the trip. Estimate the amount of time you’ll take traveling. Will you have to stay in a hotel? How much will you spend on food? Do you plan on making any stops? After all, this is probably one of the few times in your life that you actually have to move across the country; you might as well take advantage of it by sight-seeing or visiting some friends.

4. Stay Creative

You should consider situations that you might not expect to arise. You might have a friend or relative who can help more than you think and take a huge load of the work off, maybe if you pay them a little or incentivize them in some other way. You could also consider letting go of most of your belongings, selling them off and taking the bus to your new location. Everything depends on your financial situation, lifestyle, and opportunities. Have an open mind and embrace the change.

Follow these tips and start getting ready weeks in advance, and your move should go well.

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