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Crash Diet Or Diet Pills – What Would You Prefer?

A crash diet can be described an acute restricting of calories by cutting back on many foods. This leads to the body getting deprived of important nutrients which play an important role in leading a healthy life. The main aim of such a diet is to lose a lot of weight and that is – quickly. But are crash diets safe? Crash diets can be categorized as starvation diets and these can and do have serious side effects on one’s body. It is always good to speak to your health practitioner or a doctor about your weight loss plans and take their inputs based on your body condition. Crash diets is not something that any doctor would suggest you – instead you could opt for other methods like savoring a low calorie diet combined with good exercise and also use Diet Pills For Women.

How Does A Crash Diet Affect The Body?

If you think that losing weight is just a matter of few days of crash dieting in order to fit into that beautiful dress, then you are mistaken. Also known as fad diets, these crash diets are usually followed by those who are overweight in the belief that it is a safe and fast way to lose unwanted pounds fast. When one goes on a fad diet like this, the body automatically goes into survival mode and tries to conserve every calorie. The one way to lose weight quickly and safely is not easy to do. When people get on such a diet plan, weight loss happens in the initial phase and all of it is gained back when a person resumes a normal diet. People tend to get frustrated by such events and keep trying one crash diet after another, perpetuating the cycle of weight gain and eventual ill health.

Crash Diet Or Diet Pills – What Would You Prefer?


Crash Diet – Effects And Side Effects

Crash diets make people moody and cranky because of low energy levels. They feel lethargic and irritable which can lead to depression and even serious eating disorders. The dieter craves foods which offer instant energy – their bodies are also being deprived of essential nutrients during this time. Most crash diets help people lose weight fast in a short time but the side effects end up helping people put on more weight in an unhealthy manner. Losing and gaining weight in a short period of time has serious health consequences for a person – this will depend on their general history as well.

Those who want to lose weight fast using crash diet methods should take in consideration that they will have nutrient and mineral deficiencies, run the risk of getting osteoporosis and also damage to vital organs like the liver and kidneys to name a couple. The problem with such diets is that they require people to cut back on their calorie intake and choose foods which may not be nutritionally sound. This leads to deprivation – as it is, many of the foods currently available are not nutrient dense and losing vital minerals is not a good way to lose weight.

What Do The Doctors Have To Say About It?

The recommended alternative by doctors and nutritionists is to lose weight slowly by incorporating exercise and a well planned diet which includes all food groups and use Diet Pills For Womenif your body really needs it. Diet Pills are regarded as one of the best ways to efficient weight loss – it has the ability to burn all the body fat and also boost your energy levels at the same time. With benefits of these diet pills by your side, why would you want to opt for something like a crash diet that takes a toll on your health?

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