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Academic Cheating

The pressure to excel is relatively everywhere. It may begin in school, particularly high school. A person’s academic career revolves around one single letter- “A”. This particular grade can cause such stress on a person that he or she may wish to take a slight peek at the person’s exam who is sitting next to them. Whether the person accidentally drops his or her pencil on the floor or stretches his or her back a little to far, as soon as their eyes hit that paper it is called cheating. Colleen Wenke recalls a time at her high school where “I walked through my high school cafeteria or the hallways, I saw people cheating. This seemed like almost an everyday occurrence at my high school as well. Although towards the end of my freshman year, the principal had enforced a plan to curb the urge to cheat.

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We had an assembly and he asked everyone if they would rather go through life skimming by, or earn their way morally. He then proceeded to tell everyone that if anyone was caught cheating; there would be no second chances. They would be suspended from school for three days. During the next school year everyone knew who was cheating, because they were gone from school at three days at a time. In the sense of teaching morals to children, the family household has changed over the past years. The family shape was one parent would work and the other would stay home. Today either both parents have to work or there is only one parent. This could be part of the problem as to why kids may be cheating. Their parents might be so busy that they do not seem to find time to teach their children any morals or values. This may be true in some ways instances, but both of my parents worked five days a week and they still made time for my brothers and me. We were always taught the core values. We were also told that if we did cheat on anything, my parents would be disappointed because they knew we could do better.

Academic Cheating

I do not agree with cheating. It does not matter how desperate a person may be, there is no excuse for cheating. That particular person should have studied more or worked harder on their paper. Wenke responds, “We need to step back and look at the broader picture. We are creating a society in which people feel it is acceptable to cheat. This attitude will not stop in the classroom, but will carry on into the business world“. This bothers me tremendously. I do not want to be working for someone who made their success through cheating. I would rather work for someone who has really earned his/ her position by working for it. That person is so much more admirable and honest.

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