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7Sage: The Authority In LSAT Preparation


Passing a Law Schools Admission Test (LSAT) is a big deal to some people, as it determines whether a person will get into law school or not. The admission opens up a chance to pursue law; whether for passion’s sake or as a promising career. Unlike other courses/ professions, admission into a learning institution, in this case law school, does not depend on a person’s GPA alone, and one has to take the LSAT administered by Law School Admission Council (LSAC). LSAT preparation, abbreviated as LSAT prep, plays a very important role in passing LSAT.

LSAT Prep Companies

Many companies exist, online and physically, to help people prepare for LSAT. These companies, one of them being 7sage, provide reading/ guidance materials, expound on what is required of the student as well as provide sample LSAT, in the form of past exams/ papers, for students to gauge their performance, continuously, before the big day. Unlike other LSAT preparation companies, 7sage provides easy to understand tutorial videos, explanations on every available concept, humor and other techniques to sustain a students’ morale while studying, sample tests and four grid score graders. These reasons, in addition to 24/7 available professional support from trainers, comprise some of the reasons that have seen 7sage beat its opponents in the same game.

7Sage: The Authority In LSAT Preparation

Intricacies of LSAT Prep

A sufficient LSAT preparation should ensure the students studies the nature of LSAT questions, develops the necessary thinking skills and does mock tests to gauge his/ her performance. LSAT tests logical thinking, deductive thinking and reading comprehension. The reading comprehension gives 4 comprehensions of 400-500 words each and requires the LSAT taker to read and answer some question based on those stories. Deductive reasoning measures a person’s ability to draw conclusions, and support them, from provided information/ facts while logic games measures a person’s ability to solve issues. During LSAT preparation, a person must develop these skills so that during the test, he/ she can make the right choices, and on time.

LSAT Facts

A person can only take a maximum of three LSAT tests in two years and all scores, unless refuted and or cancelled, get reported. Before 2011, some countries’ students were required to provide their fingerprints when taking the test, to minimize personification, but later, the policy eliminated this to include the provision of photographs during the test day. The grading/ marking system must be determined before marking takes place to acquire uniformity across the board.


Law School Admission Test determines entrance of a student to pursue law in a law learning institution, in addition to the student’s GPA. United States, Canada and Australia, among other countries, make use of this test; administered by LSAC in February, June, September/ October and December in different venues of the said countries. LSAT preparation is paramount to understanding the test’s nature and ultimately passing it. LSAT prep companies, including 7sage, assist students get ready for the test. At students can get flexible online schedules to study and gauge their performance as well as interaction forums that enable them interact with other, hence assist or get assisted.

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