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5 Versatile College Majors You Can Use In Almost Any Career

The hard part is over. You’ve passed the SAT, submitted your application and letters of recommendation, and been accepted. Now, what do you do?

Many college students ask this question. As a child, you may have been pretty sure about what you wanted to be when you grew up. But now that you’re grown and ready to choose a career, you’re no longer sure. Although not unusual, it can be a little frustrating. If you’re unsure about what the future holds for you, here are five versatile majors you may want to consider.


When majoring in telecommunications, you can expect to take courses such as Understanding Media, Public Speaking, Visual Literacy, Opinion Writing, and Interpersonal Communications. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, you’ll have training in international communications, conflict resolution, and advanced interpersonal skills. These skills are extremely advantageous and sought after for careers such as producer, broadcast journalist, disc or video jockey, editor, commentator, announcer, investigative reporter, critic, corporate trainer, broadcast technician, news writer, proofreader, script writer, or station programmer.


As an accounting major, you can expect to take courses such as Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Corporate Taxation, and Auditing. Courses such as these equip you with analytical, methodical, statistical, and business skills. Having skills such as these will make you a prime candidate for employment in fields like auditing, actuary science, claims adjusting, financial analysis, estate planning, underwriting, public accounting, and government accounting.

5 Versatile College Majors You Can Use In Almost Any Career

Business Administration

A degree in Business Administration will get you to thinking about many dynamics that play a key role in almost every work environment. You will learn about issues such as ethics, politics, and diversity. Taking coursework such as Managing Organizational Change, Statistics, Marketing, Business Law, and Social & Ethical Issues in Business will prepare you for careers such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, General and Office Manager, Budget Analyst, Business Risk Consultant, or Compliance Specialist.

Computer and Information Sciences

If you major in Computer and Information Science, you will be learning about computer technology and how it can be applied to all fields of business. In today’s technologically advanced world, what could be more versatile? Some of the coursework you can expect to take include Introduction to Programming, Algorithms/Data Structures, Differential Equations, Programming Languages, and Operating Systems. The career choices that will available to you include Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Bioinformatics, and Computer and Information Research Scientist.


The skills gained from being an economics major will allow you to pursue almost any career. You will learn to be able to analytically solve complex problems, be adept in presenting ideas, summarize data, and draw economic policy inferences. Your career choices will include economic development, healthcare, international trade, public policy, and real estate and urban planning.

When selecting a major, you may be tempted to concentrate mainly on the income potential. Although very important, it is not the only important factor to consider. The world is ever-changing; so choosing a versatile career that can adapt to constant changes is not only practical, but extremely beneficial.

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