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5 Things Salon Owners Need To Know About Business Branding

Branding is important with any kind of business, even a salon. With the proper branding you can make your business stand out from the competition. However, you do need to understand what can and cannot be trademarked as well as how to design an effective logo. Then you can begin marketing your business with the proper branding techniques.

5 Things Salon Owners Need To Know About Business Branding

What Can Be Trademarked

Trademarking can be a wonderful way to brand you business. For example, you can trademark the slogan of your business. You can also trademark the names of certain hairstyles. You could also trademark the names of any special products you had made for the salon.

What Can’t Be Trademarked

You don’t want to waste your time and money trying to trademark something that can’t be trademarked and you can find more information about that here. For example, you can’t trademark a hairstyle, only the name. The same goes for other products your company offers.

About Logos

In order to have a logo you can protect legally, you need to design a logo that is different from anything else that’s out there. A logo can be trademarked to offer protection against people trying to ripoff you company.

Designing a Logo

Creating a design that is close to another logo will not only prevent you from protecting it, but it could cause you to get sued by the owner of said logo. A logo should be designed in a way that it makes the customer think of your business. For example, as a salon owner, you might incorporate scissors and a comb into the design. Colors can also greatly affect the branding of your company. You want to choose colors that give off the right image. An example would be a simple black and white logo for a professional salon. On the other hand, if you cater to the young, trendy crowd, you might choose bold colors for your logo, such as hot pink and neon green.

Marketing with Proper Branding

Once you have a logo and trademarked slogan, use them to market your business. Create a Facebook page, add your slogan to the About section, and use your logo as the profile image. You want to use the items whenever marketing your business so that customers come to recognize your brand. For example, if you purchase online ads, use your logo. If you put a press release in the newspaper, include your slogan and logo. Print t-shirts for your cosmetologists to wear that also have the logo and slogan. The more you market salon through branding, the better.

It’s important to brand your business so that it becomes easily recognizable to current and potential customers. It’s also important to protect your brand legally through trademarks. As a salon owner, you have the ability to beat out the competition through marketing your business with proper branding.

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