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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Retro Arcade Classic Gaming System

Video games have changed immensely over the past 20 years. In 2014, gamers seem to have one thing in common: the desire for the most technologically advanced gaming system around. With new releases from both PlayStation and Xbox, gamers can have their pick. However, a true gamer may not want either system. A true gamer may want to opt into purchasing a retro arcade classic gaming system. Sure, they may not be as advanced as the more modern systems, but these gaming systems still have quite a bit to offer. Here are the top 5 reasons you should buy a retro arcade classic gaming system.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Retro Arcade Classic Gaming System

  • They’re a Part of History

A true gamer wants to not only play and win games, but they want to know everything about the game. They’ll want to know all of the features of the game that they are currently playing in addition to who made it, how the system works, and all about other games for the system. The best way to stay brushing up on the history of games is through studying the classic games. Arcade gaming systems were around many years before Playstation and Xbox debuted. Kids used to have to go to their local arcade if they wanted to play video games. Now you don’t have to go to an arcade (there’s actually very few arcades still around), but you can purchase a classic arcade gaming system to play in your home.

  • They’re Unique

How many of your friends have some version of Playstation or Xbox lying around their home? Probably most of them. You probably don’t have to visit a friend specifically to play their gaming system these days, as chances are you have your own system, or there’s at least three other friends with the same one. On the other hand, how many of your friends have a classic arcade gaming system in their basement? Probably very few, if any. These gaming systems are very unique. Playing these classic arcade systems will feel like a breath of fresh air and your friends will be extremely envious. Soon you’ll have a long line at your house of friends wanting their share of classic arcade gaming time!

  • They can Double as a Decoration for your Home

Today’s modern day video gaming systems are a bit…less visually appealing. They tend to take up a bit of space on the floor and are frequently tripped on or over. Classic video arcade systems on the other hand, while taking up more space, can actually be viewed as a decoration in your home. Create a throw-back theme for your basement. The classic video arcade system will be the center piece and then you can decorate with vintage furniture and hang up old ads from previous generations. There’s no other video game systems that can help you to decorate your home like these ones do!

  • They Can Be Profitable

Video games can be very expensive. First you have to shell out a few hundred bucks for the system. Then you have to buy the games which typically cost an average of $50. This can add up very quickly. While the cost for an arcade classic video gaming system may seem high at first, you’re actually saving money because you don’t have to buy the games for it. These systems come with the games already pre-loaded. The games are classics that people never grow tired of. What’s more, the gaming systems include both a free-play option or an option to accept coins. Getting your friends hooked on your new classic arcade machine could be a great way for you to make a profit. Or,if you want to be fair, offer to use the money made from the coins to buy pizza and snacks to enjoy while gaming. Invite a few friends over for a friendly competition. Your friends will enjoy playing on a different, retro gaming system!

  • They’re Classics

There’s a reason why everyone knows who Pacman is and everyone’s also played Atari at some point in their lives — they are classics. No matter how advanced technology and gaming systems become, you just can’t beat the classics. There’s nothing quite like playing video games in their original form. No one ever really gets tired of retro gaming. They’re a classic part of gaming history that every true gamer will always appreciate.

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