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4 Desk Jobs To Consider As A Career

In whatever field you follow you’ll go further with a college degree or certificate, such as an online Certificate in Accounting. Go ahead and start with the all university required classes, and experiment with some of the 101 level specialty classes to get an overview of the different topics you may be interested in. Even though college is a lot of hard work, it should also be fun! As you begin to see which classes you enjoy and which ones you don’t like so much, your college path will be a guide to your career path.


An accountant holds a lot of authority within a company simply because they keep everyone honest and they control the bottom line, the finances. Whether in charge of taxes, budgets or investment opportunities, the accountant has to either make the decisions or at least provide recommendations to management about how to spend the company’s money shrewdly in order to produce the highest profit yield.

4 Desk Jobs To Consider As A Career

Accountants, in some cases, may also work directly with the company’s clients by giving advice and reviewing paperwork. Giving financial advice as to how to manage personal assets is another responsibility accountants take on. This requires good customer relations and a sound knowledge base of current economic situations.

Product Engineer

The job of an engineer varies greatly over the specialization for specific fields, yet is often an exciting method of design and production of products. One engineer may design a spacecraft while another designs the screws to hold that craft together. Another engineer might design the hanger to store the craft while yet another designs the concrete and asphalt launching pad to send the ship into outer space.

One thing all these engineers have in common is they work from their desk using a variety of design programs on their computer (which someone had to engineer). With so many choices in such a broad field, engineering can certainly be a fulfilling desk job.


The job of receptionist doesn’t hold a reputation of being the most glamorous position and yet can be an exciting job in the right office. The receptionist gets to meet all the customers and is often the first impression people have of a company. The receptionist, further, is usually the first person employees see as they arrive at work in the morning. With a positive personality a receptionist keeps everyone in the office in a good mood and a cheery day that goes by quickly instead of as dreary day.


The job of a writer is fulfilling in a number of ways. Writers tend to have a large and broad knowledge base that allows them to quickly research and write about any topic. As a writer, you may find a salaried position within a company writing their specific marketing copy, or you may work in the media as a journalist. Or write fiction. Most writers are going to freelance for at least part of their career, working from home with a very flexible schedule and plenty of free time to enjoy life.

Not every job that requires a college degree sounds especially fun and exciting. Don’t rule out the possibility of a career path in a field that is stereotypically known for providing boring jobs. These desk jobs can actually be fun and fulfilling, and are integral to the economy in both the government and the private sector.

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